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All of our training is fully compliant and adheres to the current legislation in each country

Children's Home

The Children’s Home Training Hub is the UK’s largest hub of resources, created specifically for the Children’s Homes sector. We offer fun, engaging, and interactive face to face training, which is supported by exceptional CPD accredited and compliant online training – covering all standards and regulations.

Face to face training has to be current and include real case studies. We offer training that is centred around the young people in your care and the level of the learners attending. From exceptional off-the-shelf group sessions, to bespoke made-to-measure training days.

All of your training needs are managed for you by a dedicated booking consultant. Alternatively, you can access exceptional open sessions that are offered directly to you by the 3000 plus practitioners that we have within our network.  

As part of The Big Initiative, you will instantly have access to free preventative young people courses once registered. There is also free specialist training for your adults that work with young people, in addition to free adult well-being training to help look after their mental health.

Children's Home Employee

Children living in a residential care home need the same kind of support and care that all children and young people need, in order to achieve the best they can in terms of their health, education, and all aspects of their development.

We offer exceptional CPD accredited training to empower you to work effectively with young people. We understand that at times you will feel frustrated within your role and it is our job to ensure that you have an effective support network of training and guidance when needed.

As part of The Big Initiative, we support the exceptional work that children's home employees facilitate by providing free specialist training, free well-being training to support your mental health, in addition to the UK's only cohort of free preventative online courses for the young people in your care to access.

Young Person

Every single young person is amazing. But not every young person develops in the same way and the influences around them can be a challenge for some.

As part of The Big Initiative, we offer preventative online courses for young people on real topics such as gangs, knife crime, social media, and bullying – to name a few. The Initiative also offers a multitude of life-skill courses to prepare a young person for adulthood.

Each and every course has been created by leading experts and reviewed by young people across the UK. Their aim is to support young people and help them make better choices in life. The young people's courses have recently been featured on the BBC and are nationally recognised.

Children's Home Trainer

We are proud to be working with the majority of local authorities and over 65% of the private sector, offering exceptional face to face training that is engaging, fun, interactive, and uses real case studies.

As a trainer or practitioner, once signed up you will be able to promote your exceptional training free of charge within our system, along with being offered training opportunities within your local area.

Pick and choose when you work. Keep yourself active and constantly upskilled in the work you love.

As part of The Big Initiative, we will also support you with your well-being, in addition to other free resources.

Children's Home Innovator

Innovation relies on people who have the inspiration to come up with new and fresh ideas on how to deliver learning outcomes effectively. Not only must we rely on exceptional face to face resources, but we must also understand that the world of technology will play a big part in future innovations.

We will promote innovative ideas, training, apps, and resources to the entire children's home sector to improve outcomes for children everywhere.

Join today and work with us to make a true difference to the lives of young people and the amazing adults that work with them.

Children's Home Forum

Every day we learn new ways of working that have a direct positive impact on a young person. On other occasions, we question what we should do in a certain scenario and wish we had the benefit of others around us.

Our dedicated forum is designed to welcome you into a community whose common goal is to share good practice to ensure that we deliver great outcomes for young people.

Join today free of charge.